We are here to achieve high goals in the field of popularization and support of sled dog sports. Our objectives are education of citizens – especially children and youth about the importance of environmental protection, support of sled dog sport, activities in the field of protection and care of animals, and public advocacy for changing bad habits in the treatment of animals.

ABSA - Affiliated British Sleddog Activites

Updated: 2020-09-08

Event Safety

Dog sledding is as all know is a fun but a dangerous sport where both the elements and the physical challenge can be potentially harmful. As an extra measurement to provide safety to our race participants, we will from here on out track competitors live during the race.

Prior to the race starting participants will be provided with a GPS tracker, which will provide data about racer geo-locations 24/7. Using advanced GPS tracking, provided by NetmoreM2M.com we believe this will reduce accidents in the future and ensure everyone makes it home safe.


ABSA was founded in 1992 by a few established event organisers living in the South of England. Over the preceding years, they had become increasingly aware of the need for a specialist body to offer guidance in all aspects of the rapidly growing Sport of sleddog competition in Great Britain.

ABSA's aim, therefore, is to not only encourage and support events encompassing all the various sleddog activities and co-ordinating them into a workable calendar, but to also show the way to achieving quality organisational skills and progressing the Sport alongside other countries.

ABSA Membership is restricted to Event Organisers who are willing to give of their time to assist others and who continually strive to improve standards and promote the Sport in a co-operative manner.

ABSA is now entering its nineteenth season, continuing to attract good support from www.mobilecasinomaster.co.uk by averaging nearly 60 entries per event, with several events each winter which span the south and middle of the UK. The 26 year old ABSA Affiliated Sled Dog Events' New Forest weekend event near Southampton attracts a large entry each season.

Mushers are invited on a yearly basis to compete at the various events which include socials. The ABSA structure allows the scheduling of several standard classes and variations of them, the event organisers free to choose classes that suit their preferences and their venues. The majority of races have computer-assisted timing and provide result printouts for the mushers.

Entry to ABSA Events is restricted to dogs on ABSA-approved registers, without exception. The present approved registers are:


All KC recognised and registered sleddog breeds (i.e. Alaskan Malamute, Canadian Eskimo Dog, Greenland Dog, Samoyed and Siberian Husky) may compete in any ABSA standard class and most others.


Run by Breed Clubs such as The Siberian Husky Club of GB and The Scottish Siberian Husky Club. Siberians that are accompanied by their KC registration documents into Welfare are neutered and issued a Welfare Registration Number and are permitted to compete at SHCGB/SSHC Breed Club working events (their KC documents remaining with Welfare). Such Siberians may also compete in any ABSA standard class and most others. Each entry in the first season must be supported by a letter from the relevant Welfare Secretary confirming KC registration, Welfare Registration Number, name and ownership.


The SDE Register has been run by Lynn Harrison  for many years and is strictly for individual purebred KC recognised sleddogs who, for one reason or another, do not have KC registration documents. Each applicant is considered on its own merits and specific verification. It must be neutered as this Register is not intended to encourage the breeding of unregistered purebreds. Dogs on this Register may compete in any ABSA standard class and most others.  The Register is closed August-April.


The NPSD Register is 'older' than most mushers in the UK and was first introduced by The Eskimo Dog Club of GB. When that Club ceased to hold working events many years ago, ABSA inherited the Register and it is now run by the ABSA Group (Registrar: Stuart Marle, tel: 01225 865216). The Register is for suitable individual dogs of non purebred-sleddog breeds (as defined by the KC) and not for those purpose bred/owned for sledwork. Each applicant is considered on its own merits. Most dogs holding a registration number are KC registered and are the odd dog owned by purebred-sleddog mushers. Those dogs that are not KC registered, including the occasional crossbred, must be neutered as this Register is not intended to encourage their breeding. Dogs on this register are confined to ABSA -O sectioned classes, but may freely compete/attend at social events/classes.  The Register is closed August-April.

NB Although ABSA does not object to such dogs in principle, currently it has no immediate plans to introduce, or accept, a register for purpose bred/owned non KC recognised sleddogs to its events.