The following is to be applied to all ABSA Events and is to be considered a part of their Schedules. There may be additions/exceptions, but these will be specifically listed in individual Schedules.

1. ABSA Competition Rules apply, excepting where Schedules and Mushers’ Meetings may differ.

2. It is the drivers’ obligation to read Schedules and attend Mushers’ Meetings.

3. No teams are permitted to run Event trails excepting entrants during competition. It is strictly prohibited to work dogs at the venues at any other time unless an individual permit has been granted by the landowner/manager.

4. Do not abuse the Country Code – keep to footpaths, keep all dogs on leads, and take your litter and dogs’ faeces home if a receptacle is not provided on site.

5. Trees are not to be used for staking-out or tethering dogs: fill in any holes they may dig before you go home. Do not allow your dogs to foul or damage any event equipment, including bibs.

6. It is a legal requirement that all dogs have identification tags attached to their collars whilst within areas which are open to free access by the general public.

7. No smoking and no open fires on Forest Enterprise land. Other venues often carry this restriction.

8. The use of venues is a privilege, not a right. Mushers and Helpers are requested to be polite and tolerant to all other users at all times, reporting any incidents to the Event Organisers as soon as possible. Abusive language will not be tolerated.

9. Owners should be aware of possible personal legal consequences should members of the public come into ‘negative’ contact with their dogs.

10. Dogs not for competition should be kept away from Start and Finish chutes, and children strictly supervised in these areas. Please do not walk dogs on the race trails during competition.

11. Standby vet and nearest hospital will be posted on Events’ Notice Boards.

12. ANY form of publicity/sponsorship and/or the selling of goods is strictly at the discretion of the Event Organisers and must be detailed and applied for by Entry Close dates. The standard fee for the selling of goods is £5 per unit.

13. Competitors must have submitted a completed and signed entry form, accompanied by correct fee, for Entries Close date. Class changes cannot be accepted after Date of Draw.

14. No dogs under 12 calendar months of age may be entered, excepting R Class whereby the minimum age is 8 calendar months.

15. All class entries are restricted to recognised purebred sleddogs registered by the Kennel Club, Sled Dog Events, Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute Welfares; the exception being -O Class where NPSD-Registered dogs are permitted to compete. Dogs from ANY of these Registers may participate in the non-competitive R and S Classes, and socials. Entries will not be accepted without all registration numbers declared.

16. Dogs may only run once per day in a standard class, excepting an additional run in J1 or J2 or R Class (or a total of two runs via once in a J Class and once in R Class). Dogs cannot be shared between J Classes, nor run more than once in R Class.

17. Rig loans can only be attempted to be accommodated draw-wise if they are not shared in the same class, and only between classes if declared on entry forms. Drivers entering more than one race per day should declare a rig loan to themselves. It is not possible to accommodate rig loans between J Classes. Rig loans are strictly the responsibility of the drivers concerned.

18. Drivers entering a 2-day event need only present their rigs/sleds for inspection on the first day, unless also instructed to do so on the second day by the Scrutineer/Event Organiser. Drivers entering only the second day of a 2-day event must present their rigs/sleds for inspection that day, along with any first-day competitors wishing a re-check.

19. It is highly advisable to carry a spare dog lead during competition, in the event of an emergency.

20.Class descriptions:
A Class 5-8 dogs
B Class 4-6 dogs
C Class 3-4 dogs
D Class 2-3 dogs (when sectioned DO, 1-3 dogs may run; but a one-dog only NPSD must be designated Freight-type)
E Class 2 dogs only (when sectioned EF, 1-2 dogs may run)
-F Class freight breeds only – Mal, CED, GD, Sam
-S Class special class, definition outlined
-V Class all dogs in team over age 7yrs
-O Class at least one dog running to be NPSD-reg’d
-N Class novice mushers, definition outlined
-1,2, etc. split class, definition outlined
J1 Class junior mushers 10-15yrs, 1-2 dogs
J2 Class junior mushers 8-15yrs, 1 dog (untimed)
R Class 2-4 dogs, 1 freight permitted (recreational and untimed)
S Class 1 dog only, scooter

Trail markers:
RED marker indicates a turn. Placed approx. 50ft in advance and on the same side as the turn.
BLUE marker indicates straight ahead. Placed either/both side/s after Start to denote ‘end of chute’; either side of trail after a turn; before or after an intersection; at approx. half-mile intervals on uninterrupted trails.
YELLOW/ORANGE marker indicates caution. Placed approx. 50ft in advance of the hazard.
NO ROW marker indicates ‘no right of way’ to competitors. Placed within half-mile of Finish.
Nighttime: Reflective markers of any colour. One marker indicates a turn and is placed approx. 10ft in advance of and on same side as turn. Two markers, one on each side of the trail, indicate straight ahead with through-passage between (including denotation of ‘end of chute’). Caution markers will be distinguishable.

21.Entry fees for a 1-day event (or for one day of a 2-day event) – adult Classes £12 per first entry, £6 per subsequent household entry. J1 Class £5 per child; J2 £4 per child. [R/S Class £3 per entry on the day.] Entry fees for a 2-day event– adult Classes £20 per first entry, £9 per subsequent household entry. J1 Class £9 per child; J2 £6 per child.

22.All juniors must wear crash caps during their classes. J1 Class is a timed competition with Competition Rules as per adult classes (no assistance). J1 entrants must have competed in at least one previous event. J2 Class is untimed with sensible adult assistance permitted throughout, observing Competition Rules, and from a timed interval start.

23. Awards/trophies will be presented as soon as possible after the conclusion of the last competitive class. Results posted prior to prize giving are deemed provisional.

24. R Class entries are taken on the day and strictly on completion of an official Declaration Form and payment of the cash fee. Adult mushers only, to have previously competed in at least two ABSA competitions. Untimed; interval start controlled by official Starter; no bib required.

25. Finishing teams must slow down when clearing the chute, proceeding to their vehicles no faster than a trot – handler-assisted if necessary. Penalties may be imposed on offenders.

26. The Event Organiser’s decision on all matters is final.

27. ANY VOLUNTEERS WISHING TO HELP AT ANY OF THE ABSA EVENTS WILL BE VERY MUCH WELCOMED – please contact individual Event Organisers prior to their event, declaring the type of help you are confident to offer.